V INTRO MUSIC - Philip W. Serna
* Composer:Rachmaninoff Selection:Vocalise
V Tech Update:
* After finding it impossible to get the doublebasscast. org feed fixed in iTunes, I finally decided to start over (again!) with a new domain so the new URL to the website is ->
* New computer after logic board failure on the PB G4 Aluminum - bummer!
* Dead router - finally got back on the Internet after almost 2 weeks with no connection!
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V FEATURED MUSIC - Philip W. Serna
* Composer:A. Ginastera Selection:Variaciones concertantes ripresa del tema per Contrabasso
V Sending an Audition "Tape"
* In this day and age, applying for a position in a Symphony Orchestra is much easier than it was ten years ago, especially when an audio sample of your artistry is required as an initial part of the application process. Here are some tips to help you rise to the top of the pile:
V BASSLINKS - A new segment which will deal with listener comments, emails, news, products and anything else! All of this stuff will be in the SHOWNOTES!
* link exchange - Jazz Double Bass
* link exchange - Dr. Philip Woodrow Serna
* bass for sale
* Products - double trolley
* Quarrington Interview - Tuning in fifths
* Double Bassist magazine issue no.40 p.28- Double Bass Cast Podcast mention
V Future Podcasts
* I have two CD reviews to complete (sorry guys - you know who you are!) I will get it done.
* Interviews with bassists from Great Britain and the Netherlands
* Possible videocasts? Let me know what you think about this idea and what you would like as content. ->
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V OUT MUSIC - Philip W. Serna
* Composer: J.S. BachSelection: Suite BWV 1007, II. Allemande