The BassCast 104 - 2005.12.22
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V INTRO MUSIC - Frank Proto - A Carmen Fantasy (Original version with Piano)
* Album:A Carmen Fantasy for Double Bass and Piano Track:Nocturne - Micaela's Aria—sp-9203.html
Red Mark CD 9203 - F. Rabbath (Bass), F. Proto (Piano)
V Double Bass Resources on the Internet - Bob Gollihur's site—basslink.html
* American School of Double Bass - Improving your sightreading—tips0002.html
* Bowmaker Andreas Grütter - A bow on the Couch—p8_frame.html
* David Gage - The 3 H's from Hell—z_david_archive1.htm
V FEATURED MUSIC - François Rabbath - Live Around the World
* Album:Live Around the World Track:Iberique Peninsulaire—sp-9201.html
Red Mark CD 9210 - F. Rabbath (bass)
V SEGMENT TWO - Conductor Rant
* Things that piss me off about conductors
-Talking while the orchestra is playing - its just plain rude.
- Rehearsal Technique - know what you're playing and make a plan
- Courtesy: We all want to do our best so ask nicely and smile once in a while
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V OUT MUSIC - Slau, New York, U.S.A.
* Album: Podsafe for PeaceTrack: If Every Day Were Christmas
Produced by Slau and co-written by Orlando Pagan, the idea for this benefit project was initiated by Adam Curry. All proceeds from the sale of this recording will be donated to UNICEF.