BassCast 102

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

basscast102.mp3 [16.8mb (18:17min) 128kbps]


  1. The BassCast for Tuesday, September 27, 2005

  1. Opening music: This time its another selection from “The London Double Bass Sound” CD produced by Cala Records . The clip is from the track “Carmen Fantasy” - music by Bizet.

  1. My setup: Cheap headset with microphone incorporated, Audacity for converting sound clips, GarageBand for recording and mixing the podcast, iTunes for making the conversion to mp3 and of course its all done on a brand new (09.14.05) PowerBook G4 15 inch 1.67 GHz with 1.5 GB ram and a superdrive (of course) which I bought on my trip to Canada this summer at Evolution Concept in Montreal.

  1. Changes I’ve made to the website (Shownotes link).


  1. The Arizona Bass Players Festival and Workshop

  1. Tina Caterino announces a recital by Milton Masciadri. The recital was on Sept. 12th 2005. A photo is available here .


  1. Magazine review: ISB

  1. International Music Company

  1. Bert Witzel

  1. Gary Karr’s website and the famous 1611 Amati double bass

  1. Concert Design Great bass chairs.

  1. Book review: Becoming an Orchestral Musician by Richard Davis


  1. Email me regarding the Co-Principal Bass Tenerife Symphony Orchestra job.

  1. Musical Chairs a wonderful resource of international job listings.


  1. Looking for a bass in the €2,000 to €3,000 range. Send any info to .

Feedback, Comments and Commentary:

  1. Timothy Lyons - 18 year old bassist from NJ, and attending Moravian College in PA, a business major and music minor concentrating on jazz studies on bass and piano. “I'm a bit of a bag of knowledge concerning a lot of gear and am always willing to answer questions (Explaining 5500 posts on and the lead poster at and some other things. I have a lot of knowledge about basses, amps, effects, and many bassists themselves”.


  1. Closing music: One more track from “ The London Double Bass Sound ”. This clip is from the track “The Elephant” by C. Saint-Saëns.

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