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Special sneak preview of a new CD by Joel Quarrington

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In this episode, we get a sneak preview of the new CD by Joel Quarrington “Garden Scene”.

While I was on vacation this summer in Canada, I went to see Joel perform at the “Festival of the Sound” in Parry Sound, Ontario. At dinner after a great performance of the famous Rossini Duet, Joel presented me with an advance copy of his new CD and asked me if I could use it on the Double Bass Podcast.

That was a no brainer, so here it is. I talk over the selected tracks because I want to encourage everybody to buy their own copy of the CD. Joel’s web site states that it is going to be released on the 22 of September 2009, but it looks like some of the distributors have already released the recording.

Check the Shownotes for direct links or go to the ANALEKTA web site or iTunes to pick up your copy of the CD (its only 8.99EUR for the entire CD which includes a digital booklet).

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